Walking the Feldenkrais Way a 3-day retreat in nature at the   OMEGA Institute  Rhinebeck, New York

June 14 -16, 2019 – registration and info:


The Structure of Ideal Function                                     

Anatomical studies for Feldenkrais Teachers

For FELDENKRAIS ACCESS at the Feldenkrais Institute of NY  – The Chelsea Arts Building,  134 West 26th Street, 2nd Floor NY, NY 10001

One of the important perspectives or ideas employed by Dr Feldenkrais while creating Awareness Through Movement lessons and working with people individually was that of an imagined human ‘ideal’. His inquiry was inspired by this important idea, and it contributed to his understanding of ideal function. 

Three workshops designed to improve your knowledge of anatomy and to help you develop your own clear image of ‘ideal’ functional organization. Each workshop will include a functional and kinesthetic exploration of the musculoskeletal system via specific Awareness Through Movement lessons, to help us identify the structural configurations that either limit or increase our degrees of freedom and highlight the relationships involved in the efficiency of specific functions. We will also explore ways in which the skeleton can be organized to improve the transmission of muscular force and consider the neuromuscular synergies that contribute to coordination and flexibility. Studying ATMs this way can help you to understand the strategic logic behind all Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration lessons, and give you new tools to use in your FI practice.

These are three, independent workshops. Feel free to attend all three, but please note that they do not need to be attended as a series.

For further inquiries or to register please  call 646 829 8485 or email:  info@feldenkraisaccess.com 

Workshops Dates in 2019 : 

  • February 23rd – 24th
  • June 1st – 2nd
  • October  5th  – 6th


For the LABAN/BARTENIEFF Institute for Movement Studies® at  Gotham Physical Therapy, 13 East 16th St, 2nd Floor, New York, New York, 10003

Introduction to Anatomy & Kinesiology 

Explore the musculoskeletal system experientially through functional movement, activation of the subjective body, group discussion and hands-on work. Required for entry into the LIMS® Certification Program in Laban Movement Studies


Workshops open for registration in 2019 : 

  • June 8th – 9th
  • August 3rd – 4th
  • November 2nd – 3rd

Classes meet  Saturday 10am to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm

Tuition: $475.00.

To get more information and to register call LIMS at  212 643 8888