Roots to Branches

A Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® Workshop
September 22 – 27, 2017 with Anastasi Siotas GCFP

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A 5-day immersion in Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® lessons in the stunning locale of Chania, the largest city in western Crete.

Each day will focus on lessons inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais and his first teachers, including Ruthy Alon, David Zemach-Bersin, Frank Wildman and Larry Goldfarb. Roots to Branches traces the evolution of Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® lessons from their origins to innovative new developments. Anastasi will present the anatomical underpinnings to the functional patterns that inform the logic of each lesson.

Enjoy time for sightseeing and simply slowing down into the restorative Mediterranean food and climate of Crete in September.

For inquiries or to reserve a place please contact Anastasi at or
call +1 917 769 6747. Book early, this workshop is limited to 18 participants only!

The Roots to Branches workshop is planned to maximize the restorative benefits of each lesson, offering ample to time to integrate your sensation of comfort and ease. The morning sessions will end at lunchtime, allowing the afternoon for relaxing or sightseeing before resuming at 6 pm for lessons to enhance your evening.

Chania is the second largest city in Crete with a population of 60,000. Its natural beauty has made it one of Europe’s top travel destinations. It is often called the Venice of Greece because it was occupied by the Venetians from the 13th to 17th century, who’s mark is especially visible in the old harbor.

Adjacent to the harbor is the old town where you will find many cafés and restaurants, museums, churches, Minoan excavations, narrow alleys with picturesque houses, the famous lighthouse, a covered market and much more to feast your senses. 

Anastasi has been visiting Chania for over 40 years, it is his mother’s birthplace and he has many relatives who are looking forward to his first Feldenkrais workshop in their hometown. From his long association with the area, Anastasi has many suggestions for sightseeing. Apart from the world-famous Samaria gorge for hikers, there are many picturesque locales, less than an hour away from where you can explore the rich countryside villages or coastline of western Crete.

Who is Anastasi

Anastasi Siotas is a Feldenkrais Trainer Candidate who for the past 20 years has been based in New York City. He is a Greek-Australian, who studied at the University of Melbourne, earning a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors, and later a Master’s in Education and a Masters in Movement and Dance. His professional experience includes working as a Commonwealth funded Researcher in Cell Biology and as a Professional Modern Dancer, Choreographer and Director, before undertaking training in the Feldenkrais Method 1993 at the University of Sydney.

Anastasi moved to New York in 1997 to further his studies and to assist in the training of Feldenkrais Practitioners. He completed Masters Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming and trained in Kinesthetic Anatomy with choreographer and anatomist, Irene Dowd with whom he continues to work. Anastasi also trained as a Certified Movement Analyst at the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Institute NY, where he has for the past 10 years taught Anatomy and Kinesiology. Anastasi maintains a private practice in movement re-education for individuals and groups in downtown Manhattan. He blends his knowledge of Anatomy and Movement with experience gained as an Assistant Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method® and as a Trainer of programs based on the work of Dr Feldenkrais – Bones for Life®, Walk for Life® and Change Your Age®. For the past 5 years, he has been assisting David Zemach-Bersin in practitioner training’s at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York as well as Training in Boston, Baltimore, Vienna and Tokyo.

Roots to Branches will be Anastasi’s first workshop and a professional homecoming to Chania, Crete. The title of the workshop was inspired by the ancient fig tree growing out of the natural stone wall that the Oxo Nou studio is built upon. The studio was once the site of a leather tannery, that after being abandoned, was lovingly restored into a unique performance space, café and rehearsal studio by George and Eleni. It hosts a variety of theatrical performances and workshops, as well as being a picturesque setting for watching the sun set from its outdoor café setting.

Suggested Accommodations near Oxo Nou Studio:

Halepa Hotel

Irida Hotel

Doma Hotel

There are also several AirBnB rooms and apartments available near Oxo Nou Studio in the Halepa area of Chania, these can be found by entering the studio address ”Agias Kiriakis 29, Chania” at

Travel Suggestions to Greece and Crete:

• Direct flights from Athens to Chania can be found at Aegean/Olympic and Ryan Air.

• Direct Flights to Athens from the New York area can be found at Emirates, United and Delta Airlines.

• Direct flights from European cities to Chania may be available through EasyJet, Ryan Air and Aegean Airlines.

There is also a daily ferry service from Piraeus Athens to Chania Crete. Most trips are overnight during September, departing at 9pm and arriving at 6am. More information and booking forms can be found at

Car Rental: There are many companies operating in Chania, participants of Roots to Branches workshop will receive a discount rate through Time Car Chania Please contact Anastasi if you are interested in this offer.

For inquiries or to reserve a place please contact Anastasi at or call:
+1 917 769 6747. Book early, this workshop is limited to 18 participants only!

Download Crete Workshop Information PDF