Coordinated Action

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Coordinated Action

What is Coordination?
How did we Learn it?
How do we Improve it?

Coordination is an act of planning and execution that occurs at speeds unimaginable to our usual sense of time. From thought to action and sometimes even a correction to the action all happen so fast it seems unconscious, but it's not. At some point, through trial and error, we learned thousands of patterns of actions during our long apprenticeship from child to adulthood.

To move a variety of parts of yourself in a coordinated manner; legs, arms, pelvis, spine, head, and much more need to be ordered [ordinated] efficiently in space and time. Along with this, you learned all these movements while experiencing the force of gravity and the need to counter it in order to shift yourself from place to place. All this happens as if by magic ... thought to action!

This is the stuff that Feldenkrais teachers love to help you rediscover and refine. Whether you think you are uncoordinated or a super mover, we learn to live with things that could be better. Take a Feldenkrais class to experience a reawakening of the learning process of learning to Coordinate your whole self in Space and Time.

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