"Come to your Senses"


Chania, Crete - 2023

August 30, 31 - 1, 2 September

Your sensory nervous system holds the key to unlocking your ability to experience a rich and satisfying life.

As we mature events occur that dampen our capacity to take in the subtle beauty that surrounds us.

Feldenkrais lessons re-awaken you to the elaborate world of your senses. Fine-tuning these senses restores your ability to notice the hidden realms around you.

Anastasi will gently guide you toward heightened sensory experiences of yourself, through practical lessons in the Feldenkrais Method.

In Crete this Summer you'll See, Hear, Touch, and Taste the possibilities that this sun-drenched mythical island contains.

Oxo Nou Sea View

The view from the cafe below the movement studio where the classes take place at OXO NOU Studio/Theatre/Cafe, Halepa, Chania CRETE


The 2019 group in the OXO NOU Studio below and on the beach in front of the Cafe. The long wait is finally over and this annual workshop will now resume, after a 3-year hiatus.


Dates for the 2023 workshop are August 30, 31 and September 1, 2 - Wednesday through Saturday.   If you would like to reserve your place or have any questions, please email or call +1 917 769 6747

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