BACK to your self -- back to the world


After a 3-year forced hiatus, Anastasi is again presenting his intensive Feldenkrais workshop in historic Halepa, Chania.

This year’s theme focuses on lessons that restore the health of your back.

Regardless of age or condition, Anastasi’s carefully curated Awareness Through Movement® lessons will further develop your nervous system's capacity to choose ever more efficient pathways of action.

The reorganization of your spinal curves will help you maintain a resilient back allowing you to move intuitively with more comfort and grace.

Consider joining us for this intimate in-person event this summer.

We are sold out for in-person attendance because Anastasi has limited the enrollment to 20 people.

If you are interested in buying the recording of the 4-day workshop or want to be on the waiting list for in-person attendance, please write to

Oxo Nou Sea View

The view from the cafe below the movement studio where the classes take place at OXO NOU Studio/Theatre/Cafe, Halepa, Chania CRETE


The 2019 group in the OXO NOU Studio below and on the beach in front of the Cafe. The long wait is finally over and this annual workshop will now resume, after a 3-year hiatus.


Dates for the 2023 workshop "BACK to your SELF - BACK to the WORLD" are August 30, 31 and September 1, 2 - Wednesday through Saturday.
If you want to reserve your place or have any questions, please email or call +1 917 769 6747

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