Anatomy for the 21st Century

Leave a comment / May 31, 2020

Anatomy for the 21st Century

Anatomy for the 21st Century is about a new paradigm for the study of human anatomy. It shifts us away from looking at ourselves in parts and considers everything from a holistic perspective.

Yes, there are muscles, fascia, tendons ligaments, bursas, aponeuroses, and many other "soft tissues" as well as our mineralized osseofascia "bones". Did you know that all those tissues I just mentioned all start off as one type of cell? These mesenchyme cells derive from the mesoderm the middle germ layer in embryogenesis. I know that a lot of big words but it's just to say that these tissues are the ones that move us and hold us together. They help us move and resist gravity. it's our long apprenticeship that gives us the opportunity to learn how to use these structures efficiently or not. Feldenkrais lesson can help you define movement so that it becomes ever more pleasurable to go about your daily life no matter what activity you choose to engage in.

Never has it been more true that we are a sum that is so much greater than our individual parts, even though it's sometimes our parts that hijack our awareness. We might in those moments try to remember the whole and look for creative ways to return to whole better movement to help heal and recuperate.

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